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The Wedding of Alison & Edward - the ceremony -- part 2

by Joshua 15. December 2010 09:15

I set myself the personal challenge of shooting this ceremony completely without flash, strobes, or any additional lighting. It was difficult, given how dark the altar of Trinity Chapel is. I was not asked to do so, but I felt, given the solemn and quiet nature of the ceremony, that flash light would have been too intrusive. I also chose to wear my quietest rubber-soled flat shoes, which allowed me to walk around in the background in complete silence. The icing on the cake was my 200mm f2 lens, which can shoot from a great distance, and get razor-sharp images in very low light.  Another important lens that I chose to bring along to this assignment was my 17mm tilt-shift, which can perform optical magic in the surprisingly vast space inside Trinity Chapel, rendering part of the scene out-of-focus, and high-lighting selected other parts within the frame.  

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